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05-22-2014  Awesome!
05-22-2014  Great Jazz!
03-05-2014  It's a Pleasure to Pass the Word!
02-28-2014  It's REALLY Smooth!
02-28-2014  The Words Speak for Themselves!
04-06-2013  I Appreciate All You Do!
12-26-2012  It's All Love!
12-26-2012  Listening to James Colah ...
04-09-2012  Lovely Chatting With You!
10-19-2011  Where Have You Guys Been?!
10-17-2011  Note from Shelley ...
09-22-2011  Thanks for another great summer ,,,,
08-17-2011  Connecticut Needs You!
08-09-2011  Thanks!
07-12-2011  Excellent ...
06-08-2011  Music to My Ears!
04-06-2011  Love Back in the Dayz!
02-15-2011  Thanks for the Tix!
12-22-2010  New iPhone App!
12-22-2010  Love It!
11-19-2010  Great Station!
11-08-2010  Great job with B.P.R. !!
10-15-2010  I Love the Station!
10-04-2010  Great to Have a Nice Station to Listen to!
09-12-2010  Branfor Jazz Series - Really Enjoyed It!
09-08-2010  Keep Up the Good Work!
09-07-2010  Another Fantastic Summer of Jazz!
09-07-2010  Great Jazz Series!
08-23-2010  AWESOME STATION!
07-27-2010  Thanks for the Cool Sounds!
07-18-2010  Great Music!
07-18-2010  Congrats from Mexico City!
04-28-2010  COOL STATION!
01-12-2010  It's Fantastic!
01-12-2010  Lost but Now I'm Found!
12-07-2009  Found You on Facebook!
11-17-2009  This Music Takes You Away!
11-01-2009  Heard About You from Laco Deczi!
10-25-2009  Another Listener from the Czech Republic!
10-25-2009  They listen in the Czech Republic!
10-24-2009  Phill Perry at Lyman Center
10-24-2009  Phill Perry at Lyman Center
10-04-2009  You have taken jazz to a whole new level!
09-27-2009  GREAT STATION!
09-25-2009  WOW!!
09-02-2009  Thanks for the Gift!
08-21-2009  Great time at the last show!
08-04-2009  Loves Branford Jazz Series!
07-20-2009  Great Delivery!
07-18-2009  Loves the Branford Jazz Series!
07-16-2009  Great Night!!
07-10-2009  AWESOME!
07-08-2009  Listened to the World Over!
06-27-2009  Echt Genial!
06-17-2009  Blue Plate Radio in China!
05-31-2009  Great Jazz!
05-17-2009  Great to finally be on board!
04-21-2009  So glad that I found your station!
04-11-2009  Siete grandi!
03-31-2009  The Music Choice!
03-15-2009  Glad CT still has a local Jazz station to!
03-09-2009  It Takes the Edge Off!
02-20-2009  You're filling the void left by CD101.9!
02-01-2009  Great!
01-08-2009  It's a Bookmark!
01-07-2009  I Just LOVE It!
01-06-2009  Excellent!
12-29-2008  Joyce Cooling is Coming on My Birthday!
12-09-2008  Got the girls at work listening too!
12-07-2008  Outstanding!
11-22-2008  Shout Out!
11-18-2008  It's About Time!
11-17-2008  Great Station!
11-17-2008  Yes we are global!
11-17-2008  Love the music!!
11-17-2008  It is great to work and listen to!
11-11-2008  Can't wait to check it out!
11-11-2008  Excellent!
11-09-2008  Thanks for this station!!
11-06-2008  Thank you for airing local talent!
11-06-2008  I love jazz and I love this station!
10-27-2008  Will Be Listening!
10-23-2008  A favorite in my office!
09-25-2008  Good to See This!
09-24-2008  Just Great!!
09-10-2008  Makes Work More Enjoyable!
09-09-2008  Artists Like Us Too!
09-09-2008  You Brighten My Day!
09-08-2008  Another Happy Listener!
08-28-2008  Thanks!
08-20-2008  Absolutely Outstanding Music!!
07-21-2008  Cool!
07-17-2008  Quality Music!
06-21-2008  Lots of New Stuff to Hear!
05-11-2008  A station I can tap into wherever I go!
05-01-2008  Great Station!
04-30-2008  You Get Me Through the Day!
04-28-2008  I Can Listen and Stay Connected!
04-15-2008  Fantastic!
04-09-2008  Kudos!
04-07-2008  Great Music!
04-07-2008  Keep up the good work!
04-05-2008  Another First for New Haven, CT!
04-04-2008  Way to Go!
03-31-2008  All the Jazz that I Love!
03-31-2008  Great Music!
03-31-2008  Very Cool!
03-29-2008  I love the music on this station!



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