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Hey everyone. Our "Click Here to Listen Now" link is now working and you can once again listen to Blue Plate Radio just the way that you always did ... for now.  The scene with Radionomy is shifting like sand and there may be further changes coming which may or may not be communicated to us. Thousands of stations like us are affected by what Radionomy does and they have not responded to anyone's postings about an explanation or what's coming next.  Please check here, our newsletter, our Facebook and our Twitter pages for updates.  If you can't listen to Blue Plate Radio buying clicking the icon above then here are two other ways that you might:

If you're running Windows 8.x or Windows 10, you can download and install an app, search for Blue Plate Radio, and add us as a favorite. Click on this link to download the appropriate app for your device:

If you're not running Windows 8.x or Windows 10 then you can try this link:

This *may* work if you're using Edge or Firefox. My experience is that it's hit or miss and you may still be directed to download an app which doesn't work for anyone on Windows 7. If you get the station playing on Windows 7 please let me know and how you did it so that we can pass the information on to listeners and our fellow Radionomy broadcasters.

So why don't we just move our station?

Radionomy covers the royalties that we have to pay artists and labels in exchange for us running their ads. If you broadcast copyrighted music whether it's on Radionomy, SoundCloud, or even at a concert, you must pay royalties. We have looked at other services but all but one or two requires you to negotiate your own licensing at a cost that makes broadcasting unfeasible and another, which covers licensing, has been so unstable as to just be just about useless.

Blue Plate Radio began in 2008 to fill a need in the jazz community. That need is still there and we plan to stick around and keep filling it.


Ed. Tankus
Blue Plate Radio







Check Out Our Podcasts of Past Chats including those with Bluey, Harvey Mason, and more!

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Missing your CD101 Jazz? Then tune us in any time, any where at! We are the only station in Connecticut serving up jazz 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Blue Plate Radio is privately owned and operated. That gives us the freedom to choose whom we play and when we play it.

With artists like Miles, Cooling, Albright, Koz, Krall, Euge, Ponty, and more we also reach out to local artists and play their music!

Blue Plate Radio is advertiser supported. We could not exist without their help. As you would expect, we handle things differently. We do our best to balance the commercials and the music so that you hear the right mix of both. We make you happy and we make our advertisers happy.

What else can you expect? As we grow we will bring you interviews, concerts, and some very special in-studio surprises. Whether you are at home, at the office, or even in the park you can always tune in to something MIGHT TASTY!

Blue Plate Radio - The Internet's Premier Jazz Station!

It's Um-mm-mm-mm-Good!


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